Flame retardants

Modern flame retardants
A fast growing market for modern flame retardants
Ongoing development of materials and legislation leads to new requirements for flame retardants. They must enable high level fire protection but also support trends for light weight construction, the use of renewable resources and sustainable product design.

Ecological flame retardants are increasingly used in the industry thanks to a positive eco impact which they combine with strong product performance. Ecoatech has developed innovative flame retardants which provide safety and protection already at low dosage. Based on good flame retardant performance our products provide additional effects like hydrophobicity, surface reactivity or odour/VOC free application processes.
Our polymeric products can develop elastic properties which help to maintain the flexible character of fibrous materials. Ultra-concentrated products save energy at the drying stage. Reactive flame retardants enable wash resistant properties.

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All our products are free of organo-brominated substances.