Application methods

General application methods in industry
Products and application methods influence substantially each other.

The application methods can restrict the choice of additives. Ecoatech offers products for different application methods and develops procedures with a special focus on sustainability and energy consumption. Common industrial uses:

Spray application
   Suitable for single sided effects and low add on levels; advantages through lowest water consumption, ecological process through low energy consumption. Option to create different effects on front and back side.    Spray - E
Padding process
  Suitable for porous, absorbent textiles and nonwoven ; very homogenous spread and good add on control.
Additive mixtures in the bath are possible.
  Padding - E
Coating   Suitable for single sided effects of thermal or UV-curing binder systems; coating thickness can be adapted and multiple layers are possible. Various effects are possible through choice of raw materials and coating type.   Coating -E
Pulp process
  Additives are mixed with pulp before paper making. Homogeneous spread in paper matrix, no post-treatment needed. Additives are retained in paper phase, no product loss in waste water.   Pulpe -E
Size-/Film press   Homogenous add on of thin layer after paper making. Application of effect chemicals on front and back side at low to high speed.   Size Press -E
  Suitable for thermoplastic granulates, for conversion into mouldings, fibres, and films. additives will be include in polymere matrix and produce plastics with special characteristics.   Extrusion - E