Textile & Nonwoven

Products for technical textiles
New fibers and functions for technical textiles
Technical textiles are often combined with other materials and provide specific properties in a multi-layer system. Such system elements can be found e.g. in domestic sun protection, automotive textiles or professional work wear.

In the textile production process flame retardants can be added in different ways. At early stage during the fiber production (nonwoven), at the yarn production (cotton, viscose) or at the finishing and coating step (woven fabric or laminate).
The choice of effect chemicals and application method allows to generate a variety of specific properties to woven and nonwoven fabric.

The application methods for ecoatech products include:

  • additives for the fibre and yarn production
  • flame retardants for the finishing step
  • concentrates and spray additives
  • Coating products
  • polymeric products