New molecules

Results of research and development
Substances, which are used in Europe must complywith the REACH legislation.

Beyond REACH there are many requirements which are crucial for the application, the industry or the specific customer. Where traditional raw materials reach their limits, Ecoatech develops new substances and effect chemicals.

Polymeric flame retardants

   Possessing elastic characteristica and lay good on fabrics an polymeres.
Good compatibility with binders and adhesives.
Water insoluble salts

  High active content in molecules; substitute for ammonium-containing products. Good compatibility with polymere dispersions and binders.

  High concentrated solutions with active content up to 80% very well placed by application with size press or spray.
flame retardants

  Fabric fixed components, to ensure a durable connection to fabrics. Application with water based dispersion or RECOTTON process.
2-Components system

  Systems, which produce special characteristics after application.
Thermostable salts   High concentrated flame retardants, which applied in polymer systems or by melt extrusion.